Fashsquad Charity Fashion Auction Pictures.

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The event was really wonderful, with a lovely crowd of women who came together to raise funds for the Qatar Cancer Society.
Many thanks to ALL our Sponsors for their donations and assistance and to our beautiful guests for supporting the cause.

Grand Hyatt Doha
Trinity Talent Qatar
Per Lei Couture
Personal Shopper London
La Tache Bobo
Fufi Stylist Abaya
Glow American Salon
Maserati Qatar
Cala Mari
Valcena Paris
Cherden Denis Makeup WLL
Eqlipse Qatar
Wojooh Beauty
Baiba Photography
AE Makeapp
Layla Asgar – Fashion
Elizabeth & Joanna for Volunteering.
And last but not least, Dr. Mohana Rajakumar (Author and Lecturer) for being our Fabulous M.C

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 12

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 14

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 15

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 16

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 18

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 24

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 28

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 31

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 31

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 32

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 35

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 38

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 40

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 44

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 45

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 50

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 53

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 54

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 60

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 61

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 64

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 66

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 76

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 89

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 95

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 96

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 97

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 98

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 99

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 100

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 102

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 107

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 108

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 109

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 126

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 128

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 129

FashsquadBreastCancerAuction2014 131

Based in Qatar, for the past 14 years, originally from the UK, born & bred in Newcastle, UK. Mum of 2 wicked boys and a beautiful little girl. I adore good food, good fashion and beauty product obsessed. Love women who come together instead of against each other.

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