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I recently visited the Guerlain AlFardan Spa, which used to be known as ‘Spa Chakra’ I was not even aware of the change until recently.

The Spa is located on the 39th floor of the Al Fardan Tower in West Bay, you can be assured that the views from the Spa are absolutely fantastic!
My Therapist Gladys asked me exactly what I was looking for in treatments, my answer, ‘I want to feel revived and fresh’ I am not sure about you, but the heat really gets to me now, which makes me feel sluggish and my skin tired and dull.
She recommended a 30 minute Back Massage along with a 1 hour Guerlain Radiance Facial.

What a view!

What a view!

As I entered the treatment room I felt immediately chilled out, the lighting and the music were perfect, I was shown to a private changing room with my own private bathroom and shower which I loved, privacy is always appreciated.

Spacious & Luxurious

Spacious & Luxurious

I started with the back massage, Gladys my therapist asked me if I suffered from any back issues, which I don’t, I only suffer from shoulder pain from hunching over the laptop for too long, she worked from my lower back to the top, in firm but really relaxing movements, I fell asleep a few times, the combination of pulsing movements, the music, the dimmed lights, had me incredibly chilled, then she moved onto the problem areas, the shoulders!
This woke me up, I had quite a few knots in there, she eased them out firmly, I could hear them popping out! it was slightly uncomfortable but not painful if that makes sense, I am happy she got them out, as I am writing this now, I feel so much better, my shoulders feel free and very at ease.

Next came the Radiance Facial, which was an hour of pure bliss!
Gladys first asked what my skin is like, so she could use the correct products to suit and benefit my skin, she was knowledgeable and answered all the questions I asked her, again, I ended up falling asleep as it was so relaxing, the only part of the facial I wasn’t looking forward too was the extraction, luckily she said my skin was great and we only needed to do some on my nose, it was uncomfortable, but it is worth it!
Luckily I had no redness, I think this was due to the lush mask that was applied after the extraction, the facial finished with a rich cream, which my skin drunk up, Gladys advised me to not wash my face for 4 hours to let the cream works its magic.
The hour flew by, and I seriously could have stayed there another 2!

I was then offered a Makeup Refresher, I think this is such a lovely touch, especially for women returning to the office after a facial or if your heading out, I did not opt for it, as I wanted my skin to stay fresh.

Adore the pool, the view is amazing.

Adore the pool, the view is amazing.

Overall it’s a wonderful spa with a great range of services available, this will not be my last visit, I will return for sure!


Guerlain was founded in 1828, when Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain opened his first boutique in Paris. Trained as a doctor and chemist, he enjoyed immediate success thanks to his revolutionary work, which led to many innovative “firsts.” Guerlain was the first to create scientifically based skincare and to sell Kohl eyeliner and mascara. Then in 1840, he introduced the very first lipsticks. Even years later, The House of Guerlain continued this tradition of “firsts” by introducing Terracotta, the benchmark for all bronzers, and Meteorites, the first product to incorporate colored pearl to create luminosity and even out skin tone. Add to its oeuvre more than 700 fragrances (several of which are considered to be among the masterpieces of perfumery), and the Guerlain name has become internationally recognized as a symbol of artistry, superlative quality, impeccable style, and ultimate grace.

If your here over Summer, do check out their ‘Summer Offers’ I have the menu below.
Guerlain Spa-Summer Promo_eMailer

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  1. Elizabeth Fields

    June 18, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    Sounds Wonderful!
    Can you just use the pool too?

  2. Fatma

    June 18, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    Looks fresh!
    I remember the spa chakra, but never hear of this until I read your Facebook

  3. Susan

    June 18, 2014 at 11:28 pm

    Unfortunately I am here all summer!
    I think this will be my retreat.

  4. zeenia

    July 20, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Heaven on Earth

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