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Yesterday I passed by Glow American Salon for an appointment with Louise at their Beach Tower Branch, for their new L’Oreal Hair Chalk service.

I have been reading so much about this since they launched it, so naturally I had to give it a shot!
After a quick consultation with Louise, I decided that I wanted to have a subtle pink, nothing too outrageous, but something pretty which would pop through my blonde hair.

This is what the actual Hair Chalk looks like.

This is what the actual Hair Chalk looks like.

If you have damaged hair, the chalk will last longer as the pigments seep deeper into the hair, the same goes for bleached hair, the chalk does last between 2 – 8 days, so its an absolutely fabulous way to experiment, add some temporary colour and its brilliant for younger girls, the Hair Chalk contains no harsh chemicals or peroxide which makes it totally easy on your hair.

Louise put the Hair Chalk on my hair with my hair dry, after each section was painted, she sealed in the colour by blow drying each section, it only took around 20 minutes in total, super fast, great for corporate chicks and busy mums on the go.

Glow have 5 colours available, these are:
Sweet sixteen pink
First date violet
Blue ocean cruise
Garden party green
and Coral sunset

Its also reasonably priced,it’s between QR75 – QR150 depending on size of the section and length of the hair to be chalked.

This is my Hair in Natural light.

This is my Hair in Natural light.

So Girls, are you going to give this a go?

Close up, you can see how subtle but pretty the colour is

Close up, you can see how subtle but pretty the colour is

Glow American Salon have three convenient locations, one behind Salwa Road and two in Westbay.
For bookings call 66864220 and do visit their website to see their list of services.

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