I Love Sanguesita – Qatar’s Quirkiest Blonde

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I love talented people, especially those who inject alot of humour into their work.
I first saw Sanguesita via Instagram my portal for finding all things cool! Witty captions and the fact she reminds me of my ditzy blonde self got me hooked, so naturally I wanted to know more about the brains behind this character, and I was suprised to find out I knew her Mum & Sister.
I had the pleasure of meeting Marion at an Event recently, she’s a lovely young lady and I seriously believe she will go very far with her fantastic Sanguesita, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where she goes.

Check out my Interview with her below to find out more about Marion and her funny blonde character Sanguesita.

Q: You do such a great job. Have you studied at all? If so where and what did you study?

A: Thank you so much! Yes I did, after graduating from the French School here in Doha, I went to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Qatar Foundation and graduated in 2012. Initially I wanted to study Graphic Design, but during my foundation year, which is a year where you discover all the different design disciplines to be able to specialize yourself better, i fell in love with the Fashion world. I always admired fashion illustrators and the way they could identify someone’s character with just a few lines. I was never a “fashion victim” which made many friends questions my decision to study fashion design. People don’t realize how big the fashion industry is, and how many possibilities there are. I was lucky to have a fantastic Illustration teacher here at VCU who shared his knowledge with me. He is someone I look up to a lot, even though it wasn’t always easy. But after hours of drawings, ripping and tearing paper apart and crying I managed to find my style which I am sure will evolve even further.

Not sure about you, but I can relate to this alot.

Not sure about you, but I can relate to this alot.

Q: When did you start the creation of Sanguesita, how did this happen?

A: I started Sanguesita mid February this year for two reasons initially. The first because I missed drawing because since I graduated and started working I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to drawing. And the second one, was because I felt I didn’t know how to draw anymore. The hand is like any muscles, if you don’t exercise you will lose it. Since I had not drawn in years I needed to force myself to do at least a drawing a day. So I just decided to illustrate myself (that sounds very big headed) as I was that day. The Sanguesita outfit is what I was wearing that day and left it since. I laughed hard when I saw what i did compare to the illustrations i was capable of doing back at VCU. A friend of mine, suggested that i upload the drawing on Instagram as it would force me to continue to draw everyday. If I just kept it to myself, I could have found many excuses not to draw everyday and the Sanguesita story would have died. My goal was to see how my hand-style was going to evolve with time but not more than this.

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about your creative process when starting an illustration? How long does it take to complete a drawing?

A: My creative process is pretty simple and can be summarized in 5 steps:
The first one is to come up with an idea which for me is 50% of the job. Once I have the idea, I pretty much visualize the drawing in my head, which takes me to the second step, which is putting it on paper. I go back to basics and draw on a piece of paper with just a pencil the idea. Once I am satisfied with the overall look I scan it which is the third step. The fourth step is retracing the drawing on the computer, and make sometimes some little changes and finally go to the last step which is my favorite, coloring. I love working on a computer because it lets you pick the exact color you want. I find it so relaxing and time passes really fast when I am drawing. I would say that the entire creative process takes me around 1h to 1h30 in average. It really varies on the drawing and sometime I like to take my time, it is like a therapy after a long day in the office.


Q: What motivates, inspires and influences you?

A: I am really inspired by anything that I find appealing. The Sanguesita blondness stories are unfortunately real stories, and I guess I managed to make something out my super clumsiness, as it became my number one source of inspiration. My friends, family and stories we share inspire me a lot as well. I find the word of fashion extremely fascinating and it is for me a great source of inspiration as well. I try to find the funny side of a fashion gossip. I also spend hours on the internet especially on Instagram and Pinterest, where i am looking at other illustrators’ work, I love photography as well and could look at pictures for hours. Always looking what is happening and what people are doing I guess influences you without realizing. To be honest, I never thought Sanguesita would have such a “success” if I may say, and I want to thank all my friends and followers who have been sending me messages to tell me to continue. I can’t express how amazing and great I felt, when I read that people were waiting every morning to see what Sanguesita was going to be doing today. I am very thankful for the support I am getting which really is a motivation.


Q: If you weren’t able to do what you do now, do you picture yourself doing something else?

I have no idea of what I would be doing. Frankly, I have tried to do many things in the past. I am a creative person who is constantly thinking about creating new things. But nothing really worked. With time I have realized that I was still discovering who I was and was trying to hard. Sanguesita was the first project I started without any plans. It felt strange to do so, as I am a big control freak. But really it was just going to the unknown. Now I am realizing, that all the projects I have tried to implement previously are coming together through Sanguesita. I guess if I wasn’t doing Sanguesita I would be depressed. Really it is my best therapy and I cannot imagine my days without a dose of Sanguesita in it.

A: What are Sanguesita’s plans for the future, what do you vision?

The Sanguesita plans, well that is a big question. I guess I first want to continue drawing to further discover who Sanguesita is and refine my lines a bit. I am now thinking to make Sanguesita a brand and apply my illustrations on different mediums, such as phone covers, note books, t-shirt, beach bags… That really would bring together everything what I have studied, worked for and love. I can’t even believe that I am thinking about it, it is a dream come true. I don’t want to go to fast and prefer taking the necessary time to work on Sanguesita and when I feel the time will be right, I will take it to the next step.

Check out the Sanguesita Website here. and make sure you check out her fabulous daily posts x

Based in Qatar, for the past 14 years, originally from the UK, born & bred in Newcastle, UK. Mum of 2 wicked boys and a beautiful little girl. I adore good food, good fashion and beauty product obsessed. Love women who come together instead of against each other.

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