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I am very fond of my Cakes, I think this is quite obvious from the amount I post on my Social Media pages so I thought, I would share with you, my top five Dreamy Cake / Desserts in Qatar.

Hakkasan – St Regis Doha
I absolutely love this restaurant, its a place where I come to really indulge in good Cantonese Cuisine, however, apart from the the absolutely delicious Black truffle roasted duck and the Fried prawn with lemongrass (to name a couple) there is a dessert that is truly mouthwatering and leaves me wanting more and more!
The simply named ‘Lemon Pot’ is anything but simple flavor wise, its a beautiful blend of meringue, crumble and lemon mascarpone ice cream, which melts in your mouth.
The Sweet meringue goes with the tart lemon curd so well which gives a beautiful zesty sweet, and slightly sour taste, I highly recommend.

Lemon Pot

Lemon Pot

Chac’Late – Katara

This Cafe is seriously popular, I have never, not seen it bustling with people.
With an indoor and outdoor setting, its the perfect place to chill with a Girlfriend over a delicious sweet treat and a good coffee.
Their desserts are certainly tempting, however, the one which caught my eye was, what I will call the ‘house favourite’ the Medovnik Cake, It’s simple enough being described as a Honey, Brown Sugar & Cream cake, however, what makes this special is the jug of warm milk chocolate which comes with it, I am not sure if this is homemade, but it makes the cake ‘WOW’ you get a really generous serving of the cake and sauce, I would say it can easily be shared between 2 people, however, if you’re a Chocolate Fan like myself, you will want to keep it all to yourself.

Medovik Cake

Medovnik Cake

W Cafe – W Doha Hotel
Another hugely popular venue is the W Cafe in the W Doha, its super cute, bright and fresh, and it houses some delicious cakes.
When I visit, I tend to go for the Carrot Cake, I have not tasted a better one in Doha, the serving is huge, the cake is moist, full of flavour and has a tangy creamy taste to it.
Its a must try if you have not already.

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Patisserie – la Cigale Hotel
I escape here mainly to get treats for the Family, as I live so close.
Along with delicious fresh breads and melt in your mouth croissants, they have a cake, which I get everytime I visit…
Well I cannot really call it a cake, as its actually a Giant Macaron which is flavoured with Roses and filled with a thick cream and fresh raspberries, these three together work beautifully, its sweet, but not too sickly, and the flavour of the rose really comes through.

Rose Macaron

Rose Macaron

Sugar & Spice – Lagoona Mall
This place is tiny, but its always full! Its such a beautiful girly cafe, with something always to look at decor wise.
My fave chocolate treat comes from here, and its called the ‘Goodie Jar’.
And it certainly is goodness in a jar, Super moist dark chocolate cake with crunchy cookie bits, hot fudge and vanilla ice cream, its just an awesome uncomplicated mix, which works so well together.
Goody Jar

There are so many other places which I enjoy going to, but for the moment, these 5 stick in my head, for having the best cakes / desserts in Doha.

Based in Qatar, for the past 14 years, originally from the UK, born & bred in Newcastle, UK. Mum of 2 wicked boys and a beautiful little girl. I adore good food, good fashion and beauty product obsessed. Love women who come together instead of against each other.

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