The Beauty of Almond Oil.

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Almond oil has been the best kept secret to sooth dry skin, grow thick long hair and strong nails, get rid of the dark circles around the eyes and even prevent stretch marks.

Almond Oil

100% pure sweet almond oil is loaded with essential vitamins for beauty, Making it ideal not only as a hair and skin care product but also to treat skin disorders. Almond oil does not have a greasy effect and it is not pore clogging, absorbing quickly into your skin. There are a variety of ways to use it to moisturize, soften, smooth and even the skin. These are some of the helpful uses of this nature’s gift:

Facial Moisturizer

Almond oil can be used for rough, flaky or dry skin as a daily moisturizer. After a thorough cleansing, apply one or two drops of almond oil on each side of your skin. Wet your clean hands with warm water and massage the oil on your face in upward strokes. Include the area around the eyes, gently patting. Allow the oil to settle. Once your face is dry, you can apply makeup, or leave your skin with the layer of protection from the almond oil. Applying daily will result in a much softer and smoother skin.

Eye “Cream” Miracle

Almond oil’s anti-aging properties include, preventing and moisturizing those pesky fine lines and crow’s-feet, as well as reducing dark circles and puffy eyes – my favorite feature. Apply one or two drops of almond oil around your eyes. Gently pat it underneath the eyes using your ring finger. This is ideal before bed. Leave behind those expensive night eye creams and use almond oil.

Hair Serum

The vitamins in almond oil promote hair growth and strength, smoother ends, less frizz and more shine. Massaging the scalp with almond oil relieves dry and itchy scalp conditions, and also slows down hair loss. Use about a teaspoon-sized amount and rub it into your hair, massaging your scalp in a circular motion for a couple of minutes. Cover your scalp with a plastic wrap and place a towel around the wrap. Allow the oil to absorb for a couple of hours (ideally you would leave it up to 8 hours). Shampoo and rinse. Apply once or twice a week.

Stretch Marks Therapy

The emollient qualities of almond oil will strengthen and nourish the skin, creating a natural resistance to tearing. When massaging with almond oil, blood circulation is promoted, preventing stretch marks. Pour a small amount of oil into your hands and rub them together to warm the oil. Apply the oil in the part of the body you’d like to work on. Use your hands or a massage brush and rub in gentle circular motions for several minutes. This is ideal after a bath to retain moisture. For better results apply twice a day.

Because of the many amazing health benefits of almond oil, it can be used on a daily basis. However, there are some things to consider before starting to use it. As with nut allergies, almond oil can react on your skin if you are allergic to any type of nut. I would highly suggest that you speak to your DR before considering using.

Once opened do keep in a dark and cool place to keep it fresh.

Start using it on your face and your hair and see the results when used on a regular basis, You’ll notice the difference, and others will too, I got mine for QR 5.50 from Monoprix Qatar, its by a well known brand called Bells, not only fabulous but cost effective as well.

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