Trend to try – Culottes!

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Culottes, a weird fashion amalgamation of a skirt that basically got split into two!
I like this trend alot, however there are variations, the style I am talking about in this post, are the ones that have a full skirt like appearance similar to a vintage looking midi skirt, hitting between the calf / below knee.

Culottes 01

People tend to shy away from these, maybe they think they cannot pull the look off, however you can!
Culottes tend to be higher waisted, so a gorgeous blouse tucked in, a crop top (if your not in Qatar) both look fabulous.
The trick to making culottes look cool, is to not hide the structure of the pants, long tops & cardigans will make them look frumpy and grannyish.
Just like high waisted pants, they elongate your physique but with a nice flair at the bottom.

Add some height with heels, pants with shorter hemlines are balanced well with some height, a pair of pointed flats can also look cool too

Culottes 02

Yesterday I was on the hunt for a pair, and I was lucky to find them immediately in Miss Selfridge in Villaggio, I won’t post the ‘look’ yet, as I am wearing them this coming Thursday for an event, but I will base my next post on the event so you can see how they look, maternity style!

Would you wear culottes?

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  1. Almas

    November 5, 2014 at 5:41 am

    Have been looking for these for a long time..But still wondering would they suit a person who is short?

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